China Made Diesel Repair Kits for Denso Injector 095000-5972

Get China made diesel repair kits for Denso injector 095000-5972 from our factory. Quality guaranteed at affordable prices. Order now!
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Single Packing Size
Single Gross Weight
Transport Package
Production Capacity
300 Set/Sets Per Month

Product Description

Product Description

China made diesel repair kits for Denso injector 095000-5972 in large stock

Detailed Photos
China Made Diesel Repair Kits for Denso Injector 095000-5972
China Made Diesel Repair Kits for Denso Injector 095000-5972
China Made Diesel Repair Kits for Denso Injector 095000-5972


Nozzle Model listed as below for your reference: 

DLLA150P213 DLLA145P119  ZCK150S435E DLLA155S738 DLLA155P1493 
DLLA154S324C2  CDLLA149S774 DLLA150P1285 DLLA153PN203 DLLA150P1666
ZS4S1 DLLZ156S1134 DN4SD24 DLLA155P954 DLLA155P848
DLLA154S284 DLLA150P172 DN0PDN121 DSLA153P1710 DLLA147P788
ZCK155S527 CDLLA147S071 L204PBA DLLA155SN515 DLLA141P2146
ZCK22S147 L368PBB DLLA143S284 DL-150P255T L274PBC
ZCK154S432 L369PBB  DLLA150P126 DLLA144P191 DLLA145P864
ZK150S825 ZCK155S532 D0P155P523-3864 DSLA148P062 DLLA145P2168
DLLA150S1304 DLLA155S529 ZCK155S525 DLLA155PN118 DLLA143P2155
DLLA150P011 ZCK156S3124A ZCK150S535 DLLA154P089 DSLA140P1723
ZCK155S529  DSLA135P005 DL-159P185 DLLA145P606 DLLA152P1819
DLLA150S902  DN0SD2110 DN4PD1 DLLA155S054 DLLA155P1493 
ZCK150S437 DLLA150P920  DN10PDN130 ZCK154S428  DLLA158P854 
DLLA155S007 DLLA150P010 DLLA151P1169  DLLA149P174 DLLA145P1794 
DLLA150P070 DLLA150P195  DLLA156SM139A L337PBB  DLLA151P2311
ZK150T832  DLLA150P1164  DLLA150P201 DLLA152P177 DLLA162P2266 
DLLA155P180 DLLA155P131  DLLA153S068 DLLA150P1151 DLLA145P875
ZCK150S435 CN-DLLA155S295C2  DSLA150P672 DLLA154PN068 DLLA150P1197
ZCK22S150 CDLLA150P916 DLLA154PN006 DLLA152PN284 DLLA158P844
ZCK155S529A  DLLA155P217   DLLA159S067  DSLA155P276 DLLA145P978
ZK150T828 DLLA150P256 DLLA155S215 CN-DLLA154S304C5  DLLA146P1581 
ZCK155S530 L262PBA DLLA154P332  DLLA147P1229 DLLA149P2166
DLLA152P947  DN20PD32 ZCK155S523 DLLA148P152 DLLA139P887
ZCK150S437 DLLA155S718 DLLA155P179  DLLA158PN104 DLLA144P1565
ZCK150S830 DN0PD95 DSLA153P009 DLLA147P538  DLLA151P1656
CDLLA155P910 DSLA155P680  DLLA152S295 DSLA148P009A DSLA143P970
DLLA147S071  ZCK150S828 CDSLA152P938 DLLA158PN312  DLLA156P889
CDLLA154SN640D DLLA155P622 DSLA150PN926 DSLA148P521 DLLA138P2246
ZCK150S629 CDLLA155P782 ZCK150S430A CDLLA153P838 DLLA156P1719 
ZCK155S525L ZCK150S3165 DLLA145P574 ZCK155S309 DLLA145P1049 
DLLA150P125 CDSLA142P917  DN0PDN112   ZCK155S531  DLLA150P1011
DN4PD57 DLLA148PN283 DLLA155P202 DLLA139P166 DLLA118P1697 
LLA152S015 ZCK150S434 ZCK156S428 DLLA155S215 DSLA128P5510
ZCK154S427 DSLA155P525D DLLA153P035  DLLA140S224 DLLA145P1738
DN12SD12 DLLA155P270  6170ZC-19B DLLA140PN291 DLLA149P1724
DLLA152PN269 ZCK150S835  DLLA153P034 6170ZC-19A  DLLA145P1655
DSLA148P042  DLLA154P001 DLLA158SN869  6170ZC-19B DLLA152P1690
ZCK155S530 DSLA154P529  DLLA155S007C ZCK160S623 DLLA151P2240
DLLA150P237 DLLA155P202 DLLA155S295C2  ZCK150S630 DLLA158P7154 
DLLA151S985 DN0SDND136  DLLA148PN345  DLLA154PN185  DLLA148P1671
DLLA144P184 DSLA152P850 DLLA150P35 DLLA155P255 DLLA150P2156
ZCK150J430  DSLA148P1432 DL-150P424T CDSLA148P890  DLLA155P1044
ZK150S830 CDSLA155P789  DLLA143S284 ZCK150S540-1 DLLA148P1067 
DLLA155S305C2  DSLA153P059 DLLA154P253  DLLA150PV109R DLLA158P1096
ZCK154S423  DLLA145P607  DLLA142SV62A  DSLA152P633FA DSLA128P1510
DLLA140PN013 DLLA158P729 DLLA142P015  DSLA148P903 DLLA82P1668 
DLLA152P1097 DLLA148P163 DL-150P244 DSLA150P764  DLLA153P1608
DLLA150P2125 DLLA150P256 ZCK155S525B DLLA144P1369  DLLA148P1717
CDLLA154SN606 DLLA144P206 L203PBA ZCK150P528  DLLA145P1024
DL-150P224  CDSLA148P931 DLLA150P249  CDLLA155P019  DLLA153P1721
CDLLA150P935  D0P153P526-3873 ZCK160SY527 DLLA157S067 DLLA145P870
DLLA151S088  DSLA148P062 DSLA150P1434 CDLLA152P847 DLLA150P1622
DLLA146P203 DLLA155P526  CDLLA145P853  DLLA149S774 DLLA82P1773 
DSLA145P014 ZCK155S321 DN0PD874 ZCK155S528  DLLA150P1781
DLLA150S084 DLLA150P895 DLLA153P1034 DLLA150S424N470 DLLA143P1696
HBX6987823 ZCK20S242  DLLA136PN326  DLLA154S324N413 DLLA155P842 


Our Factory:
China Made Diesel Repair Kits for Denso Injector 095000-5972

Nanyang NanTai Experimental Equipment Co.,Ltd is a joint-stock enterprise  that produces common rail test bench, traditional diesel fuel injection pump  test bench, Nozzle Tester, and sells spares parts for repairing variety of  electronic diesel injection systems to serve the automobile aftermarket all  over the world.
The company pursues high standard manufacturing and qualified products. All  the products have passed the quality system certification of ISO9001:2008 &  CE certificate and entered European market. Depending on the stable and  lasting capabilities, our products are well known to international market such  as Russia, Mongolia, Bulgaria ,Albania, Argentina, South Africa, Germany,  Romania, Ukraine, Haiti, Iraq, Britain, Brazil, Malaysia and etc

International Communication Moments:
China Made Diesel Repair Kits for Denso Injector 095000-5972



Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are test bench assembling factory. We have had test bench for 20 years.


Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 15-20 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.


Q: What is your terms of payment ?
A: Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.


Q: How about the use of maintenance technology and equipment ?
A:We have free training about test bench,injector and pump maintenance.


Q: Why should I choose your product?
A: We can provide you the best quality and the most competitive price ,and we have our own engineer, if you have any requirements you can contact us directly.

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